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 Full time instructor wanted

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Flight Level 200
Flight Level 200

Numarul mesajelor : 270
Localizare : Croatia - Osijek LDOC
Data de inscriere : 09/05/2008

Full time instructor wanted Empty
MesajSubiect: Full time instructor wanted   Full time instructor wanted EmptyDum 14 Aug 2011, 14:57

"We are seeking the instructor on the full time position in our pilot school...
Minimum requirements:
JAR_FCL CPL licence, medical class 1, ATPL credit theory, minimum 250 hours total time, Minimum FI restricted
Knowledge of JAR FCL and operational standards and procedures in the FTO is required...
Full time salary, contract on 5 years with training on rest of the qualification to become FI(A)- CPL(A)/IR/FI(A).
Competitive Salary!!
All CVs please send to the "
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Full time instructor wanted
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