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MesajSubiect: AviationSIM   AviationSIM EmptyJoi 30 Dec 2010, 04:15

Hello guys,

before starting with the presentation of our project I better introduce myself. My name is André and I am one of the owners of the future browsergame called AviationSIM.

As the name already indicates it is an aviation related browsergame. So in general it is up to you to lead your own airline. But we also offer you the opportunity to create and manage other service providers such as groundhandling, catering or maintenancefirms.
Any of these different companies are interdependent. No airline can exist without a maintenancefirm as every airplane needs to be checked regularly. Same goes for the airport which cannot exist without the groundhandlingfirm.

The game is free to play. You will not have to pay for anything. Everything is permanently available without costs.

Referring to the passenger system we have thought of multiple aspects that should be included into the calculation. So it depends on following things: price, season, weather, service, duration of flight, cabin, image etc.
Every passenger has different preferences and can choose his/her individual flight fitting to her/him. Furthermore every passenger can change at airports in order to continue to his final destination.
Consequently it will be possible to organise codeshare-agreements or even feeders (bringing passengers from small airports to bigger ones). Delays and annulations will also be features of our game.

When playing a maintenance firm you are responsible for every airline that lets check/repair their aircrafts in your hangars. There will be different sizes of hangars so that you cannot automatically repair a 747. You better specialise in checking aircrafts of one or two certain types because you need to have spare parts for every different type in your depot.

As an owner of a groundhandlingfirm you need to keep track of the ongoing traffic on ground. It is your task to emplane aircrafts with either cargo containers or the passenger's luggage. Moreover you have to get the food on board, to push back the plane etc. Everything needs to be planned dead on time.

By the way: We plan the feature which allows the player to create or manage an own airport. This will come later on as an update.

However, everything needs a contract - be it an airplane, a codeshare-agreement or the entrance of an alliance.
That way you can easily interact with other players worldwide.

The game's release is in winter 2011. It will be available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish. More languages like Romanian are not excluded. It just depends on more volunteers speaking either German or English fluently so that they can get the game translated into Romanian. Every translator gets a free premium account for half a year and a reference in our credits.
Don´t get us wrong - premium is absolutely not necessary. Every features is available without paying anything. Premium is simply necessary to get more decorations. Furthermore you can create more than one company when having a premium account. We will also create a professional airline logo for you when you have a premium account.

Ok, enough talk. Let´s come to first screenshots.

First Screens
Trailer on Youtube

If you got questions feel free to ask them. We will answer them as soon as anyhow possible. In the meanwhile you can follow us on Facebook.

With best regards,

PS. We wish all of you a happy new year!

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MesajSubiect: Re: AviationSIM   AviationSIM EmptyJoi 30 Dec 2010, 17:42

Description is now available in Romanian (Thanks to Radu!):

AviationSIM este un joc ce simulează afacerile din industria aviatică modernă, incluzând proceduri reale şi cele mai recente noutăţi din domeniu. Astfel, utilizatorul poate intra în pielea unui director de companie aeriană începător, cu scopul de a deveni multimiliardar în lumea aviaţiei.

Nu numai că vei putea conduce propria companie aeriană, ci şi alte firme sau furnizori precum companii de catering, sau, în timp, o divizie de mentenanţă aeronautică. De asemenea, proiectarea şi administrarea unui aeroport va deveni realitate.

În plus, jucătorii pot interacţiona unii cu alţii, întemeind strategii commune, fie prin încheierea unui parteneriat bilateral sau prin alăturarea la o alianţă aeriană mondială. Te poţi folosi de mii de aeroporturi şi peste 250 de tipuri de aeronave pentru a te ridica la nivel planetar.

Aceasta este ocazia ta de a concepe o strategie potrivită pentru a-ţi transforma visurile în realitate!
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MesajSubiect: Re: AviationSIM   AviationSIM EmptyVin 11 Mar 2011, 14:29

Hi avisimmers

We proudly present new screenshots of AviationSim. They can either be found on our facebook site or directly in our forums. There you will aslo find a brief summary of what we have done in the meanwhile.
Upcoming news will be made public on the mentioned facebook site. So stay tuned! Smile
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MesajSubiect: Re: AviationSIM   AviationSIM Empty

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