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 Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu?

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Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu? Empty
MesajSubiect: Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu?   Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu? EmptySam 15 Mai 2010, 21:32

I'm going to Baneasa (VIE-BBU-VIE) on monday and would like to take pictures at the airport's area. Baneasa website says:

Filming and taking pictures is allowed in the public area of the airport. In the security restricted areas is possible only with prior approval of the airport’s administration.

but in Baneasa there are everywhere signs that taking pictures is strictly prohibited (at the public area too). I've been in Baneasa twice and everytime I made a picture a security-man told me to quit.

Is spotting at Baneasa allowed? May I make pictures in the public areas? Could there be any problems with the police when I take pictures?
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Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu? Empty
MesajSubiect: Re: Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu?   Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu? EmptyDum 16 Mai 2010, 17:44


First of all, I have to say spotting at BBU is not (yet) officially allowed.

You can stand on the other side of the main road (DN1) and you will have no problems with security. The aircraft come in quite low to land on runway 07.

However if you have more time to spare, and have access to a car you can try "the mound". Keep a low profile and you shouldn't have problems with security. Here is a screenshot from GEarth showing you how to get there. Light is perfect here until late afternoon and aircraft can be seen from very close range, taxiing on Delta.
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If you give us the time when you will be available, maybe somebody from our forum will be able to come with you.

Good luck.
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Taking pictures at Aurel Vlaicu?
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