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 BAE 146-200 G-MIMA at Bacau?

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BAE 146-200 G-MIMA at Bacau? Empty
MesajSubiect: BAE 146-200 G-MIMA at Bacau?   BAE 146-200 G-MIMA at Bacau? EmptyDum 05 Apr 2009, 06:42

Hello all,

it's a nice forum you have and i came across it by pure luck! I believe that you might be able to help me.. I am looking for information regarding a BAE 146-200 that was/is in Bacau. It is registered G-MIMA and should have been/be there either all white or in Queenco (Casino Rhodes) colors. Does anyone do plane spotting or work in/near Bacau so can help me?

Thanks a lot!
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BAE 146-200 G-MIMA at Bacau?
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