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 SBS & Planeplotter

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MesajSubiect: SBS & Planeplotter   Sam 02 Ian 2010, 01:52

Max Toate

Happy New Year

Nu este sigur dacă sunteți conștient de mai jos programul său cel mai bun de bani i-au petrecut vreodată

Aici este o listă de părtași currnet

Avem currenetly au un părtași în Europa Centrală. Ar fi minunat dacă am putea obține o părtași câteva mai mult în zonele de dvs., care ar urma să completeze noastre părtași rapidă creștere din Europa.

Aș fi fericit pentru a ajuta cu înființat prin intermediul Skype sau TeamViewer

Arunca-mi un mail dacă doriți orice ajutor


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MesajSubiect: Re: SBS & Planeplotter   Sam 02 Ian 2010, 12:24

Hey there galaxy and welcome to Romanian Spotters!

I checked the website and it's an interesting idea. So if you want to tell us more about it, please write in english cause it's easier for all of uss Smile google translate isn't that good

hope to hear from you soon with more details
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MesajSubiect: Re: SBS & Planeplotter   Sam 02 Ian 2010, 21:29


My name is Paul and i live just outside London in the UK under one of teh main stacks for Heathrow. I have been plane spotting since i was two years old.

I have a Yupateru MVT 7100 and a SBS 1 box that i have had for 4 years. I joined planeplotter two years ago and have never looked back.

Today it has been a cold and crisp day but visability has been very good and we have had 350+ sharers online today.

I share my data 24/7 and i also share with military Mode s, Virtual radar and planeplotter. It is certainly the best €25 i have ever spent.

We are trying to get as many sharers as we can as the more sharers we have the better coverage of europe we get which will benefit all of us. It would be graet if we could extend planeplotters coverage with the help of any SBS1 or Radar Box users.

We have user guides in Englsih if required and yahoo groups with people who are willing to help with the set up.

I also use Teamviewer and skype.

Get back if you require any further information

Best wishes

Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: SBS & Planeplotter   

Sus In jos
SBS & Planeplotter
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